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European Network on Social Inclusion and Roma under the Structural Funds
Structural Funds: Investing in Roma

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About EURoma

What is EURoma?

EURoma is a European Network made up of representatives of twelve Member States, determined to promote the use of Structural Funds (SF) to enhance the effectiveness of policies targeting Roma people and to promote their social inclusion.


The primary aims of EURoma are the sharing of strategies, initiatives and approaches, learning based on experience and best practices, and the dissemination and standardisation of such knowledge.

In line with these objectives, two working lines are undertaken: 



12 EU Member States participate in the Network

There are two representatives in each of the partner countries:

  1. The European Social Fund Managing Authority or the administrative body to which the latter delegates its authority; and 
  2. The body of the Member State responsible for policies targeting the Roma community or the body to which it delegates its authority.

Current participating States in the Network (2013) include: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland,Greece,Italy, Hungary, Poland,Portugal, Romania,Spain, Slovakia and Sweden.

How it works

Network operation is based on the following institutional pillars:   

Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat acts as Administrative and Communications Coordinator and is managed by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG)

Contact Info:          EURoma Technical Secretariat / Email:


  • Madrid 2007 Starting Point

    Madrid 2007 Starting Point

  • Management Committe members

    Management Committe members

  • MCM working in Bucharest

    MCM working in Bucharest

  • MCM Mytelene/WG 1st Session

    MCM Mytelene/WG 1st Session


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