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Romania, Structural Funds and Roma

The Romanian government's Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection was designated as the Managing Authority for Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development (MASOPHRD) and has the full responsibility for the implementation of the Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development (SOPHRD) financed through the European Social Fund.

The SOPHRD aims at ensuring investments in human capital, the modernisation of the education and training system, the modernisation of the Public Employment Service and supports the access to education and to the labour market for vulnerable groups, including the Roma population.

The strategy for the social inclusion of the Roma population within SOPHRD and the Framework Document for the implementation of SOPHRD were elaborated in close consultation between the representatives of the MASOPHRD and the representatives of the National Agency for Roma (under the authority of the Romanian Government), the Social inclusion Directorate (Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection) and other social partners in the field of Roma social inclusion.

The National Agency for Roma (public institution dependent on the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government) and Romani CRISS (an NGO in the field of Roma social inclusion) are members of the SOPHRD Evaluation Steering Committee, which has been established at the level of the MASOPHRD. Its main role is to support the programme evaluation process. The Evaluation Steering Committee members cooperate with and are consulted by the MASOPHRD throughout the programme evaluation process.

Eleven social inclusion projects developed with five Roma organisations, the Agenţia Natională pentru Romi (National Agency for Roma), the Fundaţia Centrul de Resurse Pentru Comunitaţile de Romi, the Asociaţia Femeilor Țiganci Pentru Copii Nostri, the Centrul Romilor «Amare Rromentza» and Romani CRISS have been co-financed by the FSE, for a total of 135,641,675 lei (circa 32,350,000 euros).


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