Newsletter 21- June 2021
Overview of key developments

Welcome Back!

Dear EURoma Network partners and colleagues,

It's been a long time since our last Newsletter. This last year has certainly been hard for everybody and we hope that all of you are healthy and well.

In this Newsletter you will find key updates and news of relevance for Roma equality and inclusion. Among them, the latest developments related to the policy and financial frameworks, including the recently adopted Council Recommendation for Roma equality, inclusion and participation which, alongside the EU Roma Strategic Framework adopted in October 2020, will guide actions up to 2030, and the final stages of the negotiations on the European Cohesion Funds Regulations (notably ESF+ and ERDF) expected to enter into force at the beginning of July.

You can also read about recent EU initiatives to protect and promote children's rights (EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and related Council Recommendation on the European Child Guarantee) and to fight against racism and racial discrimination (EU Anti-Racism Summit and appointment of the first ever Anti-Racism Coordinator). Finally, we review the most relevant initiatives undertaken by the current Portuguese EU Presidency as part of its commitment with equal opportunities and fight against discrimination, including the Porto Social Commitment agreed by all partners at the Porto Social Summit.

We would also like to call your attention to the EURoma Checklist for the Effective Inclusion of Roma Interventions within EU Cohesion Funds programming 2021-2027 aimed to offer guidance to EU, national and regional departments responsible for programming EU Cohesion Funds (especially ESF+ and ERDF).

While we can go back to face-to-face meetings, EURoma partners will hold next online Management Committee meeting on 29-30 June.

We trust that you find the Newsletter interesting.

Kind regards,

EURoma Technical Secretariat

Featured News

29-30 June: Next EURoma online
Management Committee meeting

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EURoma Network will hold its next Management Committee meeting on 29-30 June 2021. As previous meeting, it will be held online to adapt to the current circumstances. Partners will review the latest EU developments of relevance for Roma equality and inclusion and discuss on key elements to be considered in the programming of the 2021-2027 EU Cohesion Funds programmes to ensure they effectively consider Roma population.

EURoma Checklist for Effective Inclusion of Roma Interventions in EU Cohesion Funds

It aims to offer guidance to
EU, national and regional departments responsible for programming on how to set adequate basis in the programming documents to ensure that future measures effectively contribute to reducing Roma exclusion and discrimination.
Empleo Juvenil CE

ESF+ Regulation expected to enter into force at the beginning of Juy

A Specific Objective on socioeconomic integration of marginalised communities, such as Roma people, common indicators on ‘marginalised communities, such as Roma people’ and other elements of relevance to Roma equality and inclusion are agreed.
Council recommendaiton on Roma equality, inclusion and participation

Adopted Council Recommendation on Roma equality, inclusion and participation

A renewed and strengthened commitment from EU and Member States up to 2030 to tackle the inequality gap suffered by Roma. EURoma is mentioned as a space for transnational partnership and exchange that the Commission and Member States should support.

Final stages of the negotiations on the future ERDF-Cohesion Fund Regulation

The text includes references to Roma, disadvantaged groups and marginalised communities, including a Specific Objective, and related objectives, on the socioeconomic inclusion of marginalised communities, low income households and disadvantaged groups.

Council adopts Recommendation on a European Child Guarantee

Its adoption by unanimity and only 2.5 months after the Commission's proposal shows a renewed EU commitment with child poverty and social exclusion. Children with a minority racial/ethnic background (notably Roma) are one of the target groups.
2021.03. Data on Children

European Commission proposes comprehensive EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

It brings together all new and existing EU legislative, policy and funding instruments (including ESF+ and ERDF) within one comprehensive framework to promote joint efforts to better protect all children, help them fulfil their rights and place them at the centre of EU policy making.
Anti-racism Summit

EU Anti-Racism Summit focuses on implementation of
Anti-Racism Action Plan

The first European Anti-Racism Summit, organised on 19 March, was co-hosted by the European Commission, the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Anti-Racism and Diversity (ARDI) Intergroup of the European Parliament.
Discrimination Action Plan

European Commission appoints Michaela Moua as its first ever
Anti-Racism Coordinator

Following the commitments set in the EU Anti-Racism Action Plan, a Coordinator is appointed to act as focal point for all actors so that the voices of people with racial/ethnic background, including Roma, are heard and mainstreamed into all EU policies.

Porto Summit Commitment and other key milestones of Portuguese Presidency

Framed in its commitment with equal opportunities and
the fight against all forms of discrimination, the Portuguese Presidency has undertaken different actions and events of relevance for Roma inclusion and equality. The agreed Porto Social Commitment.
action plan

European Commission
presents European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan

Cohesion Funds (notably ESF+ and ERDF) and the Recovery and Resilience Facility, are key financial tools to achieve the targets set for 2030: unemployment reduction, increase of training participation and reduction of poverty and social exclusion risk.
logo ce

EC technical webinars on management and programming of 2021-2027 EU Funds

Particularly dedicated to national Managing Authorities working on EU Funds policy programming and implementation, they cover European Cohesion Funds as well as other financial instruments such as the REACT-EU or the InvestEU programme.

European Parliament's report on access to decent and affordable housing for all

The report, of particular relevance for Roma given its worrying housing conditions, makes recommendations to the European Commission and Member States. Among them, an increased use of ESI Funds to guarantee social, accessible and affordable housing.
EURoma Technical Secretariat: FSG
Min trab y economía social
European Social Fund