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EURoma European Network on Social Inclusion
and Roma under the Structural Funds
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EURoma presentation
The Network is participated by public administrations from 12 EU Member States
Spanish initiative for a European Network was presented in Madrid
The Seminar “Transnational Cooperation on Roma Community and Social Exclusion, New Opportunities for the upcoming period of Structural Funds” was held in Madrid on 7th and 8th June, 2007 in order to set the first steps for establishing the European Network on Social Inclusion and Roma under the Structural Funds.
European Network for Structural Funds and the Roma Comunnity
January 2008 twelve countries of the EU together with a wide representation of the European Commission launched in Seville (Spain) a transnational Network aiming at the promotion of the use of Structural Funds (SF) to enhance the effectiveness of policies targeting the Roma and their social inclusion.
Working tools and calendar defined at the Bucharest meeting

The second EURoma’s meeting was held at the historical Victoria Palace in Bucharest, aiming at reaching agreements on the methodology, operation and actions of Working Groups as well as other Network-related issues. The Management Committee agreed on the working papers and methodology that will be used by the members of the Network.

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