Newsletter 13
Overview of recent developments

EURoma European Network on Social Inclusion
and Roma under the Structural Funds
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EU Commissioners Andor and Reding stressed the importance of effectively implementing the NRIS at all levels and ensuring that EU funding, especially ESF, supports national challenges.
EC progress report on NRIS and Council Recommendation on Roma inclusion
The proposal for a Council Recommendation presented on 26 June, together with the progress report on the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies, sends a strong message to Member States about EU's commitment to achieving real progress in Roma inclusion.
EURoma publication to support the effective inclusion of Roma in the next programming period
The Guide “Tackling Roma needs in the 2014-2020 Structural Funds Programming Period" aims at providing useful tools to support Member States when addressing Roma inclusion in the planning process of the next programming period of the Structural Funds.
Commissioner László Andor participates in launch of new ESF Network to increase political commitment for Roma inclusion in the next SF programming period
The initiative, which entails a high political level, builds on the learnings of EURoma and focuses on the next programming period. It gathers 8 Member States: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.
Preparing the 2014-2020: Evaluation of EU funded developments for Roma integration in Hungary

The Hungarian National Development Agency has commissioned an evaluation of EU funded developments for Roma integration in Hungary within the context of the development policy to Roma integration goals in the next programming period of the Structural Funds.

Preparing the 2014-2020 period: Analysis of Socially Excluded Localities in Czech Republic

The ESF Managing Authority announced the public procurement “Analysis of Socially Excluded Localities in the Czech Republic” aimed at obtaining relevant information to effectively support both members of socially excluded Roma communities and localities in the 2014-2020 programming period.

European Commission and the crisis: country-specific recommendations 2013
Specific recommendations, including various addressing the specific inclusion needs of Roma, were adopted for each EU Member State to move Europe beyond the crisis and strengthen the foundations for growth.

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EURoma members' meeting
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19-20 September 2013
Open Days 2013
7-10 October 2013
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