Newsletter 15
Overview of key developments Jan - June 2014 - EURoma

EURoma European Network on Social Inclusion
and Roma under the Structural Funds
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The EURoma Network held its bi-annual meeting on 5th-6th of June hosted by the Italian partners of the Network. The agenda focused on Recent developments in Partnership Agreements, new Operational Programmes and the future of Transnational Cooperation 2014-2020
EURoma+ releases “Joint report on the use of Structural Funds for Roma inclusion”
This report identifies the lessons learnt in the 2007-2013 programming period in order to transform them into policy messages which could and should be transferred onto the 2014-2020 programming period.
The European Commission publishes a Webpage with relevant information at policy and financial level on Roma inclusion in each EU country
Every country page holds information on allocated funds under the different Structural Funds over 2007-2013 funding period as well as provisions foreseen for 2014-2020
New European Commission country factsheets on Cohesion Policy

The EC has recently published country-specific factsheets on Cohesion Policy achievements and future plans. A general factsheet has also been published with information on Cohesion Policy in the new period.

Toolkit on Programming Structural Funds for Roma Inclusion 2014-2020
The objective of this publication is to assist public authorities involved in the planning and programming of European Structural Funds. This document is complementary to the EURoma guide "Tackling Roma Needs in the 2014-2020 Structural Funds Programming Period"
European Commission discusses with Member States new guidance on evaluation plans

On 15th May DG EMPL and DG REGIO organised a joint meeting with Member States to move forward on follow up and evaluation of ESIF

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High level conference on Roma inclusion on the ground - The ROMACT experience
Brussels, Belgium
Oct 2-3, 2014
Open Days 2014
Brussels, Belgium
6-9 Oct, 2014
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