Newsletter 17
Overview of Key Developments January-September 2015

EURoma European Network on Social Inclusion
and Roma under the Structural Funds
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Hosted by the Spanish ESF Managing Authority, the last partners’ meeting of the 2007-2013 programming period will aim to review the main challenges for the implementation phase and how transnational cooperation and the EURoma Network could help Member States to address them in the 2014-2020 period.
EURoma Guide to support effective inclusion of Roma at local level by using ESI Funds now available in several languages

The publication "Making use of European Structural and Investment Funds for Roma inclusion. A Guide for local authorities” is now available in English, Croatian, Bulgarian and Spanish. Czech version will be released soon.

EUROMA+: Contribution to 2014-2020 ESI Funds planning process

During its two years of operation, the Network focused on achieving, through transnational cooperation, higher political commitment for the planning process of the 2014-2020 programming period and ensuring that the lessons learnt during the 2007-2013 programming period are incorporated as policy decisions in the new period.

2015 Report on implementation of NRIS: progress made in the use of Structural Funds but further efforts still needed
This reference document, in addition to setting the political guidelines to ensure the effective implementation of the Strategies, provides guidance on approaches and priorities for action and identifies areas for further action and investments. The use of ESI Funds is identified as one of the areas where progress was made.
European Commission launches initiative to improve investment and management of EU Cohesion Policy funds
The initiative aims to help Member States to effectively use the remaining investments from the 2007-2013 programming period and to better manage and spend the over 351 billion euro available in the the 2014-2020 period.
EUROMA+ Network learnings and proposals shared with Commission Expert Group on ESI Funds

The knowledge gained within the Network on the use of ESI Funds for Roma inclusion in the 2007-2013 programming period and proposals for a more effective use in the 2014-2020 period were shared with representatives of the public authorities responsible for these funds in all Member States.  

European Commission and World Bank Handbook 'Improving the Living Conditions of Roma at the local level'

This handbook aims to provides practical advice to stakeholders involved in the preparation and implementation of interventions to improve the living conditions of Roma using European, national or local funds. 

EURoma participates at Structured Dialogue with ESI Funds' partners group of experts

This European Commission's expert group is committed to establish a dialogue with partners working in the field of ESI Funds. The meeting served to review the state of play of negotiations on the 2014-2020 Operational Programmes and discuss issues of common interest.

EURoma Technical Secretariat supports the fight against antigypsyism at the 9th European Platform for Roma Inclusion

This forum, which gathered stakeholders from all over Europe, served to confirm the interest of the European Commission in continuing the work for Roma inclusion and renew the commitment of the new government of the European institutions to take steps to improve the living conditions of the Roma community.

EAPN's Good-Practice Handbook on Structural Funds “Delivering Social Inclusion through Structural Funds”

This handbook on how Structural Funds are used for social inclusion outlines EAPN’s guiding principles to assess a good practice of Structural Funds-funded projects on social inclusion drawing on examples of NGO-driven projects funded by Structural Funds under the previous programming period

Decade of Roma Inclusion Releases Roma Inclusion Index 2015

This publication proposes a list of relevant indicators and tests the availability of existing data to measure progress (or the lack thereof) in addressing the exclusion of Roma in the Decade partner countries. It addresses the areas of employment, education, health and housing, non-discrimination, gender equality and poverty reduction.

European Parliament publishes an analysis on the impact of the crisis on fundamental rights

The analysis reviews the impact of the economic and financial crisis, and the austerity measures imposed in response thereto, on the fundamental rights of individuals. Several mentions are made to vulnerable groups in general and Roma specifically as groups particularly affected by the measures adopted.


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European Week of Regions and Cities- Open Days 2015
Brussels (Belgium)
12-15 October 2015
EURoma Network meeting
Madrid (Spain)
23-24 November 2015
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