Newsletter 18
Overview of Key Developments September- December 2015

EURoma European Network on Social Inclusion
and Roma under the Structural Funds
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Hosted by the Spanish ESF Managing Authority, the meeting aimed to identify the main challenges for the implementation phase and review how transnational cooperation and the EURoma Network could help Member States address them.
EURoma participates in European Commission Structured Dialogue with ESI Funds' Partners Group of Experts
The state of play of negotiations, the initiatives for simplification and the mainstreaming of horizontal principles such as the fight against discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin were some of the topics addressed at the meeting. 
European Parliament report on cohesion policy and marginalised communities, with particular focus on Roma

The report has been drafted by the MEP Terry Reintke at the proposal of the Committee of Regional Development of the European Parliament. EURoma has contributed to the report by sharing the experience gained in the 2007-2013 period and providing input on the draft versions of the report.  

European Commission launches Communication on the contribution of ESI Funds
The document presents the main results of negotiations between the European Commission and Member States on their investment programmes further to the ESI Funds reform. 
2016 Report on Roma: pilot phase of new reporting tool for Member States and civil society

The European Commission informs about the 2016 Report on Roma and specifically about the new reporting framework template to be used to civil society and international organizations. Member States have already received the adapted template for public bodies.   

New European Commission Guidance on the use of ESI Funds in tackling educational and spatial segregation

The document provides recommendations on the efficient use of ESI Funds in tackling educational and spatial segregation based on the applicable EU legislative and policy frameworks. EURoma shared its views on the drat version of the Guide. 

Czech version of EURoma Guide for local authorities released

The publication "Making use of European Structural and Investment Funds for Roma inclusion. A Guide for local authorities” is now available in Czech. It is also available in English, Bulgarian, Croatian and Spanish.

EURoma present at event "What needs to change to make EU Funds simpler, more efficient and accountable?"
Organised by Open Society Foundations and the Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament, the event combined a high-level meeting and a conference with civil society discussions.
Transnational seminar: implementing CLLD across ESI Funds

The seminar brought together ESI Funds Managing Authorities to learn, inspire and get inspired in implementing the CLLD approach, foster better cooperation and ensure the most efficient use of the funding available. 

Analysis of Socially Excluded Localities in the Czech Republic now available

The analysis, funded with ESF and national funds, aims to identify and describe socially excluded localities and compare their current state with the year 2006, when the last extensive mapping was carried out. 

EURoma wishes you Happy Holidays!
EURoma wishes you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year 2016!

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Launch meeting of ESF Thematic Network on social economy
Brussels (Belgium)
12th-13th January 2016
3rd meeting of High Level Group monitoring simplification for beneficiaries of ESI Funds
Brussels (Belgium)
2nd February 2016
4th Meeting of Structured Dialogue with ESI Funds’ Partners Group of Experts
Brussels (Belgium)
April 2016 (exact date to be confirmed)
4th meeting of High Level Group monitoring simplification for beneficiaries of ESI Funds
Brussels (Belgium)
June 2016 (exact date to be confirmed)
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