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While EU funds offer considerable potential for bolstering Roma inclusion, bottlenecks at national, regional and local levels are limiting their effective use by Member States
Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the EU - Developing European Roma Policy
In order to progress on the EU Framework Strategy for the inclusion of the Roma, the Hungarian Presidency will ensure that key issues will be addressed by the European Commission, the General Affairs Council of the Foreign and EU Affairs Ministers and the Heads of State and Government during their Presidency.
Preventing Social exclusion through Europe 2020: Early Childhood Development and the Inclusion of Roma Families

The fourth meeting of the Integrated Platform on Roma inclusion focused on early education as a key issue to tackle the Roma situation all over Europe

Report Released: "Improving the tools for the social inclusion and non-discrimination of Roma in the EU"

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and the Roma Education Fund (REF) prepared the comparative study, which looks at measures addressing the situation of Roma living in 18 EU Member States. It also presents successful initiatives in those countries.

The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee of the European Parliament debated on the strategy for Roma inclusion

Last November 30th and December 1st,within the Civil Liberties Committee of the Parliament, took place the public hearing on the inclusion of Roma in Europe, stressing that Roma are systematically discriminated against when accessing education, housing or employment. Moreover, they often do not even have access to health care or other services.

Seminar: "Combating poverty and social exclusion through labour market participation – a role for the ESF?"

Aiming at exchanging good practices and recommendations the Belgian presidency gathered in Brussels ESF managing authorities and other stakeholders in order to debate on how to combat poverty and social exclusion with ESF support.

Seminar: Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and Policies aimed at Roma - DG Regional Policy

The key objective of the conference aimed at highlighting the need for transparency and accountability when implementing initiatives targeting the Roma population at different levels and the importance of having effective evaluation and monitoring mechanisms.

EU sets the Agenda for new skills and jobs: boosting employability for 2020
High rates of unemployment (10% of the active population) and at the same time difficulties in recruiting high-skills personnel frames the introduction of actions to reach the objectives of 75 % of men and women at work by the year 2020.
EU Communication: European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion
The European platform against poverty and social exclusion will encourage new ways of working and help governments and other actors develop more effective and innovative methods to tackle poverty
EC Open Call for Proposals
Pilot Project - All - Inclusive Cooperation Between Public Authorities, Companies and Social Enterprises in favor of Social Inclusion and Integration into the Labour Market

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Public hearing: "Education and Training: Tools for Roma Integration" - EESC
Brussels (Belgium)
14 January 2011
Cohesion Forum
Brussels (Belgium)
31 January- 1 February
Conference: “Roma Access to Housing: Regional Planning and Local Government"

1- February 2011
EU funds contributing to Roma integration
Bucharest (Rumania)
29th March 2011
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