Newsletter 20- June 2019
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EURoma partners will meet on 27-28 June in Athens

Hosted by the Greek partners, the meeting will bring together EURoma partners, the European Commission and other relevant Greek actors to address different topics of relevance to improve the use of ESI Funds for the promotion of the social inclusion, equal opportunities and fight against discrimination of the Roma community.

Adopted European Parliament report on ESF+: a step forward for Roma inclusion

Adopted European Parliament report on ESF+: a step forward for Roma inclusion

The explicit reference to Roma, the increased resources for social inclusion, fight against poverty and discrimination or the attention to partnership, transnational cooperation and capacity- building should contribute to this.
European Parliament backs REGI Committee's call for explicit reference to Roma in post-2020 ERDF and Cohesion Fund Regulation

European Parliament backs explicit reference to Roma in ERDF and Cohesion Fund

EURoma welcomes the proposal to explicitly mention, for the first time, Roma, a straightforward acknowledgement of the need for ERDF and the Cohesion Fund to address the unequal situation faced by this group across the EU.
8th meeting of the Structured Dialogue with ESIF's partners group of experts - 24 April 2018

European Commission releases mid-term evaluation of EU Framework for NRIS

Outcomes should help European Commission and other relevant stakeholders in the implementation of the EU Framework up to 2020 and the preparation of the post-2020 period. Particular attention is paid to the role of ESI Funds.
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EURoma’s views and proposals on post-2020 ESF+ and EU Framework for NRIS

EURoma closely follows the discussions on the post-2020 EU frameworks for Roma policies and for ESI Funds and contributes to them based on partners’ experience and the reflection processes launched within the Network.
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European Parliament calls to strengthen NRIS and step up the fight against anti-gypsyism

European Parliament's Resolution aims to provide guidance to the European Commission in the development of the post-2020 EU Framework and to the Member States in the subsequent design of their National Strategies.
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EURoma shares its views on future ESF+ at Romanian EU Presidency’s conference

European Commission, ESF Managing Authorities (including EURoma partners) and other relevant stakeholders discussed how to upgrade the ESF to future challenges and to a social and competitive market economy.

EURoma in Romanian EU Presidency’s conference on EU Framework for NRIS

EURoma Technical Secretariat and partners participated in this event that aimed to seek a renewed commitment by Member States and the enlargement countries to advance the Roma inclusion agenda beyond 2020.

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Structured Dialogue with ESI Funds' partners group of experts reviews post-2020 proposals

EURoma Technical Secretariat and other group of experts' members also reviewed the alignmemt between Cohesion Policy and the European Semester, the 2018 ESI Funds Summary report and the ESI Funds Open Data Platform.

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EURoma contributes to debate on the role of transnationality within the European Social Fund

EURoma Technical Secretariat and some partner Managing Authorities took part in the annual conference of the ESF Transnational Platform “ESF Transnational Cooperation: including and empowering people throughout life”

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EURoma takes part in European Commission's Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth

The convention took place in a key moment for the definition of future EU's work on social and economic inclusion: the Europe 2020 Strategy is coming to an end and the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 is under negotiation.

EURoma participates in the 4th EU Roma Week, hosted by the European Parliament

A wide range of events were organised on topics such as the EU Framework for NRIS, the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, Roma political participation and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.
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EURoma's Seminar on the use of ESI Funds for improving housing conditions of Roma

The seminar, which was combined with a Network Management Committee, gathered partners of ten countries, European Commission and other actors with experience and/or competences on housing interventions.
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