Newsletter 23- January 2024
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Achievements of the Spanish EU Presidency on Roma and on the use of EU Funds to promote equality and inclusion

Under the recently concluded Spanish EU Presidency, a wide range of initiatives of particular relevance to Roma equality and inclusion as well as to EU Funds were developed. These include the Council conclusions on measures to ensure equal access for Roma to adequate and non-segregated housing, and to address segregated settlements.

EURoma Reference Document: Calls for proposals,
a key element to achieve Roma equality and inclusion

It brings together issues to be considered by competent authorities when designing the calls for proposals to ensure that they provide an adequate basis for future interventions to contribute to Roma equality and inclusion and to adopt the approaches with the highest potential for achieving social change. It will soon be available in the languages of the EURoma partner countries.

EURoma focuses on the residential situation of Roma and the role
of EU Funds

The meeting was organised jointly with the 22nd NRCPs meeting and under the Spanish EU Presidency. It followed, and aimed to complement, the European Platform for Roma Inclusion organised the day before.

Belgian Presidency:
keys for Roma and
for EU Funds

The Presidency aims to work towards better protecting European citizens, strengthening cooperation and preparing a shared future. It includes several initiatives relevant to Roma and to the european Cohesion Policy Funds.

Call for evidence on implementation of NRSFs

Particular attention is paid to the use of funds. The feedback received will be taken into account in the European Commission's report on the steps taken by Member States to implement the NRSF. The deadline for submissions is 2 February.

Contribute to European Commission’s mid-term evaluation on ESF+

Stakeholders are invited to share their views on the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence and EU added value of ESF+ since the Regulation’s entry into force until end 2023. The consultation is open until 13 February.

2023 Summary Report on the Implementation of ESI Funds 2014-2020

It reviews implementation of ESI Funds (ESF, ERDF, CF, EAFRD and EMFF) until the end of 2022. It also makes reference to the financial instruments adopted to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war and, more recently, the energy crisis.
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