You can benefit from OECD expertise and tailored assistance in setting up new initiatives to involve citizens and promote meaningful participation, transparency and accountability in planning, implementing and evaluating investment projects. Deadline: 30 April.

The European Commission (Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy) is seeking expressions of interest from Managing Authorities (MAs) and Intermediate Bodies (IBs) of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) programmes wishing to take advantage of expertise support to explore a closer cooperation with citizens and/or civil society organisations in implementation of cohesion policy.

Work will be carried out in the framework of a pilot action. MAs/IBs participating will receive support on how to best engage citizens in strategic decisions for the implementation of national/regional operational programmes and/or specific policy objectives, e.g. with regard to monitoring of investments and assessing impact or results of cohesion policy investments in their territory.

DG REGIO will cooperate with and use the expertise of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for implementing the pilot. The OECD will provide expert assistance and mentoring to the participating MAs/IBs.

The experiences from the pilot project will be disseminated and will feed into reflections on how to strengthen citizen engagement in the management/implementation of cohesion policy.

The key outputs of the pilot will be recommendations on how to improve existing practices and/or on the introduction of new initiatives to be taken by the selected MAs/IBs to strengthen citizen engagement in the implementation of cohesion policy and an action plan on how to roll them out. The action plan will be developed in cooperation with the MA/IB.

Who can apply under this call?

The expression of interest shall be submitted by Managing Authorities for national or regional operational programmes co-financed by the ERDF and/or the Cohesion Fund. The relevant national coordinating authorities (depending on the particular national context) should also be informed about the application.

Deadline for submission of expression of interest:
Thursday 30 April 2020

Further information:

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