This will be one of the large variety of topics that will be covered in the context of this European event, which will take place from 16 to 19 May.


Hosted every year since 2016 by the European Parliament, the Romani Week consists of a series of events on topics of relevance for Roma equality, inclusion and participation. It is organised thanks to the collaboration between members of the host institution and other European institutions (including the European Commission, the Council of Europe…) and civil society organisations, offering an interesting space for exchange and discussion.

It aims to bring the situation of Roma people, the largest ethnic European minority and yet the most discriminated against, to the political agenda and to promote the engagement of all relevant stakeholders to ensure they can fully enjoy their European citizenship on an equal footing with non-Roma citizens.

The Romani Week also intends to play a relevant role by facilitating the exchange of knowledge between Roma people, civil society, political agents and civil servants on a wide variety of areas such as health, education, employment, entrepreneurship, environmental justice, fight against racism; antigypsyism…

This year’s edition will combine the face-to-face encounters at the European Parliament with the online streaming of the events, that can be followed at this website

Further information

EU Roma Week 2022 Agenda

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