9th April 2011 | Budapest (Hungary)

The fifth meeting of the Integrated European Platform for Roma inclusion will take place in Budapest on 7th (17.00-20.00) and 8th April 2011 (9.00-17.00), in the frame of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU.

The meeting will aim at discussing “integrated actions in marginalised rural communities – impossibility to develop desegregation actions, ensuring equal access to resources and services”, one of the priority areas identified within the Roadmap which sets the operational framework of the Platform. The discussion will be based on the background paper drafted by the Hungarian Presidency.

The European Roma Platform meeting will also provide an opportunity for the presentation of recent EU milestones: the European Parliament resolution on the EU Roma Strategy adopted on 9th March 2011 and the Commission Communication on the EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies (to be adopted on 5th April 2011).

Participants will reflect the diversity of stakeholders involved on the Roma issue: representatives from the Member States and enlargement countries, EU institutions, relevant international organisations, Roma civil society and academia will discuss and exchange successful strategies for policies and practices effectively fostering the social and economic integration of Roma in the European society.Further details are available here 

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