Utrecht, 16th-17th April, 2009 | Utrecht

Hosted by Utrecht University (David Ingleby) and Netherlands Institute for Health Service Research NIVEL (Walter Devillé)

The meeting will start on Thursday 16th April at 13.30 and end on Friday 17th at 17.00.

The first topic concerns the relative importance of culture, ethnicity and migration status versus socio-economic variables as determinants of health. To what extent can migrant health and minority health be explained simply in terms of a person’s SES?

A related topic which will be addressed at the meeting concerns the barriers to collecting data on ethnicity or migration status. Health researchers feel there is an urgent need for such data, but recording such variables is often opposed with the argument that it can lead to discrimination and breaches of privacy. As a result, the available data are often very incomplete. This question is closely linked to the previous one, i.e. the predictive value of different variables. Is it really necessary to identify migrants and minorities as such, and if so, what data should we collect?

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