25th November 2011 | Poznań (Poland)

Political discussion concerning the strategic aspects of the cohesion policy with emphasis on an integrated approach to development. Poland’s Presidency of the EU Council comes at a specific time in the EU’s agenda. 2011 will see the end of the debate on the EU’s policy and budget and the beginning of the formal phase in the development of EU policy for the subsequent financial perspective. This phase will commence with the publication of a European Commission communication concerning proposals for the multiannual financial framework (June). Shortly thereafter (July / September), draft regulatory packages for specific EU policies will be published. In the above context, the informal ministerial meeting should achieve the following objectives:

  • Summarise the informal phase of EU discussions concerning the 2013+ cohesion policy during Poland’s Presidency of the EU Council;
  • Shape further stages of negotiation (for future work by the Danish and Cypriot presidencies);
  • Lead to political-level acceptance of the results of conferences held during the Polish EU Presidency (Presidency conclusions).

The meeting will be an excellent opportunity to present the views of Member States and regions in the debate on development of the cohesion policy, first and foremost relating to proposals concerning the modernisation of this policy based on the practical experiences of meeting participants. For this reason the Polish Presidency’s intention is for competent ministers from specific Member States to take part in a political debate on the strategic aspects of cohesion policy, in particular concerning the integration of key policies for intelligent, open and sustainable growth.For further information, please check http://pl2011.eu/en/content/informal-meeting-ministers-responsible-eu-cohesion-policy-regional-policy-territorial-and-ur

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