11th-12th May 2011 | Prague (Czech Republic)

The next meeting of the EURoma Network, which will be held on 11-12 May in Prague, will offer an excellent platform to review and discuss the draft of the Guide on the use of Structural Funds for the social inclusion of Roma population that the Network is preparing with the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission. The Guide will be released in June 2011. 

The Guide is intended to be a practical tool for local and regional administrations with a two-fold objective:- Stress the local and regional dimension in the social inclusion of the Roma population; – Encourage local and regional administrations to use Structural Funds for the inclusion of Roma population, providing guidance on how to do it, the processes, the approaches, etc.

Meeting´s participants will also have the opportunity to hear from the European Commission about the EU Framework for national strategies on Roma integration released on 5 April. This will be a good opportunity for Commission’s representatives, Network members and other meeting’s participants to exchange views on how the national strategies can be developed and, mainly, how the Structural Funds could support these strategies.

Finally, Network partners will get an inside on how the Structural Funds work in the Czech Republic, the host country for this meeting, and which initiatives and projects promote the social inclusion of Roma population.

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