7th April 2010 | Córdoba, Spain

In the run up to International Roma Day (8 April), the Fundamental Rights Agency will hold talks with Romani and Traveller women networks in Córdoba (Spain) about how to ensure that European Union policies impact positively on their lives. On the eve of the Second European Roma Summit to be hosted by the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, the Fundamental Rights Agency will gather Romani and Traveller women in Córdoba, Spain to a roundtable entitled “On a Road to Equality”. The roundtable will bring together representatives from the European Commission, the Fundamental Rights Agency and Romani women activist networks. Discussions will focus on European Union policies on Roma and Romani and Traveller women, facilitating the application of these policies at local level and anti-gypsyism, hate crime and other forms of intolerance. The Second European Roma Summit, to take place on the 8 and 9 April Córdoba, will also be discussed.

Source: FRA website

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