19-20 June 2013 | Zagreb, Croatia

The 24th International Steering Committee Meeting of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 will take place on 19-20 June 2013 at Hotel International in Zagreb, Croatia. This event will be the last one organized under the Croatian Decade Presidency and marks the formal handover of the Presidency to the Montenegro.


At its 23rd meeting, the International Steering Committee endorsed the Croatian Decade Presidency initiative to establish a working group that would assess options and possibilities for the Decade of Roma Inclusion beyond 2015 through a consultation process in the Decade countries. The options paper that is discussed and finalized by the working group will be presented in the meeting and followed by a moderated discussion with high level officials from the Decade Participating Countries and Mr. George Soros.

In addition, Decade governments will report on progress made in the Decade priority areas in 2012.  Civil society partners will present their findings on the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies and Decade Action Plans in 2012.

The meeting will also include a session on active Roma youth participation as a follow up of the Youth Conference held on 18 June 2013 in Zagreb.For additional info, please visit; http://www.romadecade.org/news/24th-international-steering-committee-meeting-19-20-2013-zagreb-croatia/9271  


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