17 November 2015 | Brussels (Belgium)

The third meeting of the Structured Dialogue with European Structural and Investment Funds’ partners group of experts (ESIF SD) will take place on 17 November in Brussels (Belgium).

The mission of this group is to establish an open, frank and informal dialogue with partners working in the field of ESI Funds. The Structured Dialogue has a three-fold objective: 1) bring the ESI Funds closer to civil society, 2) assist the Commission in the development of this policy in the different areas of expertise and 3) offer a space to discuss the implementation of the ESI Funds.

The members of the Structured Dialogue are around 50 umbrella organisations at EU level, including the EURoma Network, selected following an open call for applications.

The meeting will have a two-fold objective:

  1. Address issues related to ESI Funds programming and partnership, including the state of play of negotiations of programmes, the High Level Group on Simplification or the ad hoc meeting of ESF and FEAD Managing Authorities in response to the refugee crisis. 
  1. Exchange of views on mainstreaming of the horizontal principles laid down in the Common Provisions Regulation, including the fight against discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation and gender equality.

For further information, EURoma partners can contact the Network Technical Secretariat at info@euromanet.eu

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