The European Commission has launched a broad consultation to support the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and prepare the ground for the Pillar’s Action Plan (to be presented in early 2021). In particular, it invites all partners to present their views on new policy action or legal initiatives needed on different levels (EU, national, regional, local) and/or pledge concrete commitments as a Member State, region, city or organisation towards implementing the Pillar.

The European Pillar of Social Rights is the EU’s social strategy to make sure that the transitions of climate-neutrality, digitalisation and demographic change, as well as the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, are socially fair and just. It builds upon 20 key principles.

For the EU to get out of the current crisis, it needs to generate recovery, build resilience and guide economies along the path of just, green and digital transitions. This should not happen at the cost of the poorest people, regions or countries. The recovery will have to be inclusive and fair. The European Pillar of Social Rights provides a compass to tackle the social and economic challenges of our time.

With this consultation the Commission aims to launch a joint debate on how to upgrade Europe’s social market economy to fit the opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow and ensure just transitions for all.

Consultation is available in all EU official languages.

The deadline to submit contributions is 30 November 2020. They can be submitted here

Events and debates

The Commission will also promote and support events and debates related to all issues covered by the principles of the Pillar at national, regional and local level and will seek the  active engagement and participation of all partners.

Further information

European Commission’s Communication “A Strong Social Europe for Just Transitions”, COM(2020) 14 final, 14.01.2020

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