Know more about EURoma’s views and proposals on ESF+ and on the EU Framework for NRIS

Over the last years, EURoma has been closely following the discussions and proposals on the post-2020 EU frameworks for Roma policies on the one hand and...

Upcoming EURoma meeting to be held on 27-28 June in Athens

EURoma will hold its upcoming Management Committee on 27-28 June 2019 in Athens, hosted by Greek Network partners. The first Management Committee meeting...

European Parliament backs REGI Committee’s call for explicit reference to Roma in post-2020 ERDF and Cohesion Fund Regulation

EURoma welcomes the proposal to explicitly mention, for the first time, Roma, a straightforward acknowledgement of the need for these funds to address...


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Open Days 2009

Open Days 2009

7th October 2009 | Brussels, BelgiumThe seminar related to Roma issues will be titled "Cohesion Policy Experiences", and will take place on the 7th October 2009.Each seminar and workshop has a code relating to its date. For the aforementioned seminar,  the code is...

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