The Roma Week will take place online on 27-30 September under the patronage of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council. It will consist of a series of events, including one on the use of EU funding for Roma inclusion. 

2021 Roma Week will be held (online) from 27 to 30 September under the patronage of the European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union. Since its first edition in 2016, Roma Weeks offer an excellent opportunity to put Roma issues on the political agenda and an interesting space for debate and exchange between policymakers and officials from European and national level; representatives of local authorities and large cities in Europe; civil society and Roma people from all over Europe.

The week will consist of a series of events which will provide recommendations on combatting antigypsyism and continued structural discrimination, on the effectiveness of the post 2020 EU policies for Roma people and on the recovery and resilience national plans. One of the events specifically concerns the use of EU funding for Roma inclusion (Thursday 30 September     Making EU funding & finance work for Romani people. Covid-19  Recovery).

In particular, the 2021 Roma Week aims to be a platform to:

  • Raise concerns and exchange knowledge: To facilitate exchange and capacity building between Roma people, civil society, policymakers and officials.
  • Advocate for specific thematic areas: Different thematic areas, such as health, education, employment, entrepreneurship, environmental justice. etc., including a general overlapping anti-racism theme to be covered during the European Union mandate post 2020.
  • Increase the recognition of antigypsyism: The week will be an opportunity for experts and activists on the issue to advocate European and national policymakers to strengthen the recognition of antigypsyism as well as develop strategic and coherent responses.
  • Review post 2020 EU Policies for Roma people: There will be an opportunity to discuss the future of a potential Romani Law and policies affecting the lives of Roma people, especially the post 2020 EU Romani Framework.

Event Making EU funding & finance work for Romani people. Covid-19  Recovery (30 September, 13.00-15.30)

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU has worked relentlessly to protect the health and wellbeing of those living in the EU and beyond and to repair the economic and social damage brought about by COVID-19.

Cohesion Policy funds, together with the Recovery and Resilience Facility, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and the InvestEU, will be key in providing large-scale financial support to address the needs of people who have been disproportionally hit by the pandemic, including the Roma.

The workshop has the double objective of:

  • Informing about different EU funds and programmes available for Roma inclusion; and
  • Showcasing examples of partnership´ alliances for the efficient use of EU funds

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