Registration for the workshop “Building capacity for Roma inclusion at local level” is now open.

Roma inclusion is an EU priority translated into national strategies but in many municipalities the lack of political will and administrative capacity hinders progress in improving the living conditions of Roma.

In this workshop Bulgarian and Romanian Mayors and experts will explain how they overcame these barriers with the support of the ROMACT programme. They will tell how they learned to work together with local Roma to design, fund and implement policies that are inclusive of all. They will highlight how they successfully combined local resources with national and EU funding. Local Roma citizens will also bring testimonies.

Code: 11WS42

Moderator: Emmanuelle Grange

Speakers: Adrian-Ovidiu Teban , Liliya Makaveeva , Florin Moisa , Aidzhan Beytulla

Thematic cluster: Governance and administrative capacity

Organisers: European Commission – DG EMPL

Languages (To be confirmed): english (en), български (bg), română (ro)

Venue: Building SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre, Room Hall 300

Date and Time: October 11, 2018 from 14:30hs to 16:00hs

Registration Deadline: 28/09/2018

To register follow this  link and click on the “add session” button then click on the “my sessions” button at top right of the page and input your email address, click on the “confirm” button and on the next screen, input your personal data and click on the “register” button.

Participation is free but note that travel and accommodation costs are not covered by the EC.



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